3 DApps to Live on WaykiChain Public Chain

Dear Waykichain users and friends all around the world,

WaykiChain is taking a big step forward in May for ecosystem building. For months our gamedev teams devoted and developed, we are glad to present you 3 upcoming Game DApps. The release to be expected will mark a major milestone of WaykiChain public chain development. We would like to take a moment to share more details about the preview release and actually make visible what we have been up to during the past few months.

The games that will officially roll out this month namely: Visionary Country, Wayki Paradise and Wayki Legend.

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Wayki Legend

Wayki Legend is a large RPG web game based on WaykiChain ecosystem. Online and offline users can both automatically get upgrade hang up. Blockchain in particular and blockchain game is very potential but still a bit novel for many users. There are some user experience challenges for blockchain game that requires a longer time to overcome. Wayki Ontology Chuanqi requires only users’ mobile number to sign in. It’s much convenient and quite easier for users to join the game.

Visionary Country

Visionary Country is the first decentralized game App developed on WaykiChain mainnet. The user data will be encrypted and uploaded to WaykiChain public chain. WaykiChain public chain ensures openness and transparency of user data. Token oriented by Visionary Country will be officially issued by BiHuex. Waykichain public chain allows the gamedev team to pursue its unique set of artistic and technological endeavors. The in-depth strategic cooperation of WakiChain, Visionary Country and Bihuex makes a way for co-building WaykiChain ecosystem.

Wayki Paradise

Wayki Paradise is a decentralized, secure and verifiable social game platform based on WaykiChain. The game platform is inspired by Nintendo Game. Its innovative concept of integrating game earnings and tower defence makes the game more interesting and strategic while maintaining a transparent and secure decentralized game platform. Wayki Paradise adheres to the spirit of decentralization and community autonomy of blockchain, and introduces the community partner bonus system to make the company more competitive. It allows users jointly govern the Wayki Paradise game platform, and enjoy the game all together.

WaykiChain has never been a team known for living “by the book,” but our latest effort shows we crossing new boundaries as a world-leading public chain. The progress of blockchain technology has promoted the reform of the game market. Through its perfect infrastructure and resource advantages, WaykiChain helps gamedevs focus on the development of blockchain games in all aspects. We will keep promoting the construction of public chain, and continuously improve developers-friendliness , so as to promote the blockchain game industry and the stable development of WaykiChain ecosystem.

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