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Public Chain Development

l Limit orders added to Wayki-X contract (100%)

l Coin short trade processing added to Wayki-X contract (100%)

l Support of multiple token issuance contracts added to DEX contract (100%)

l DEX contract testing and use case design (65%)

l xUSD-USDT pair for Token Swap in WaykiTimes (80%)

l Trading Contest 02 (80%)

l Synth data loading optimized in WaykiTimes Android (100%)

l The Favorites function improved in WaykiTimes iOS (100%)

l Synth trading functions optimized in WaykiTimes iOS (100%)

Weekly Plan

l Arrangement of technical documentation for DEX contract

l Performance testing of DEX contract matching

l DEX contract testing and use case…

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Download WaykiTimes to participate in our Second Synth Trading Contest:

During December 23 through 30, 2020, “The First Synths Trading Contest with Prizes for All” was held. Community users actively traded synths of crypto, stock indices, and US stocks and gave us positive feedback!

To further meet the trading needs and competitive spirit of users, after making improvements to the synths trading contest, WaykiChain launches Synths Trading Contest 02 “Trade Synths for Daily Rank Rewards”. We welcome everyone’s active participation. Experience the immersive trading!

A synth is a digital asset created according to the price of a benchmark asset. Synth trading is a financial activity that does not involve holding real assets. It is executed automatically in a smart contract, has unlimited depth, zero slippage, is open and transparent.

According to WaykiChain white paper, WICC total supply is 210 million. 15% of it (31.5 million) is reserved for the developer team, early investors, and operations team in return for their contribution to the early project development. Since July 2018, 10.5 million WICC was scheduled to be unlocked every quarter. Full circulation must have been reached in Q2 2019. However, after unlocking 10.5 million WICC, in order to express the determination to work, WaykiChain team decided to continue the lock-up of 21 million WICC in a smart contract on WaykiChain mainnet for four years.

On October 20, 2019, with the WaykiChain Ascend upgrade, the block generation speed increased significantly from 10 to 3 seconds. Due to this, the 21 million locked WICC was unlocked together with community lock-ups in July 2020. Thus, WICC circulating supply increased from 189 to 210 million.

I. Basic Questions

Q1: What are the external Super Nodes?

A1: External Super Nodes are the nodes held not by WaykiChain team but by any individual or organization. WaykiChain team is neither the server host nor the node operator.

Q2: What is delegated Super Node operation?

A2: Delegated node operation means that operation and maintenance work of a node is outsourced to a third party.

Q3: How exactly to operate a Super Node?

A3: WaykiChain will later release the respective guides on server setup, maintenance, and operation. You can refer to the guides or contact us for help.

Q4: Is it required to hold 1 million WICC to run for a Super Node?

Super Node Apply Portal:

On January 5, 2021, WaykiChain announced its public Super Node Election. This step is of great significance for the project because the idea behind it is the increase of consensus robustness, realization of decentralized governance, and enrichment of the ecosystem.

The Super Node election greatly affects the Super Nodes themselves and WaykiChain users. It enables sharing of the public chain foundation and ecosystem value. Users will be able to get direct ledger keeping rewards, contribution rewards, and Foundation subsidies.

I. Sustainable Increase of the Ecosystem Value on the Self-developed WaykiChain Public Chain.

1. The Leading Public Chain with a Sound and Stable…

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WaykiChain (WICC) Weekly Report (01.04–01.10)

Technology & Products

l Public Chain 4.0: logging of DEX order matching (100%)

l Public Chain 4.0: custom fee settings for DEX orders and exchange platform permissions added (100%)

l Addition of limit orders to Wayki-X contract (60%)

l DEX contract testing and use case design (40%)

l Adjustment of C-Ratio in Wayki-CDP (90%)

l Developer Portal on the official website closed, Testnet Gateway page migrated (100%)

l Filter function for synths trading history in WaykiTimes Android (80%)

l Favorites interface connection for synths in WaykiTimes Android (80%)

l Development of favorites for synths in WaykiTimes iOS (90%)

Weekly Plan

l Completion of limit orders in Wayki-X…

Recently, the cryptocurrency market has been experiencing dramatic changes and big fluctuations. To deal with the fluctuations and ensure better individual and overall CDP security, WaykiChain team has adjusted the collateral rate from 200% to 300%.

If the original collateral rate is <300%, you cannot borrow more WUSD stablecoins and need to pledge more WICC to increase the collateral rate to >300% first. Similarly, if the collateral rate is < 300%, to be able to redeem WICC you need to return a sufficient amount of WUSD to increase the collateral rate to >300%.

If you keep the collateral rate above 300%, your ability to borrow WUSD or redeem WICC is not affected. Please note that all the above operations of maintaining or closing CDP require payment of the corresponding CDP interest. …

On January 5, 2021, WaykiChain officially starts Super Node Election for the comprehensive community-driven construction and promotion of decentralized governance.

WaykiChain is an independently developed next-generation commercial public chain. It had three major upgrades (Dragon, Fly, and Tiger) and boasts of high-performance transaction processing (average 4,500 TPS), a high-efficiency consensus mechanism (DPoS + pBFT), and a powerful dual smart contract engine (Lua + WASM). Sticking to the decentralization concept and aiming to complete its integrated DeFi ecosystem, it developed the WUSD stablecoin, the decentralized collateral lending system Wayki-CDP, Wayki-DEX, and the decentralized synthetic asset protocol Wayki-X etc. …

Apply portal:

In May 2018, WaykiChain launched its official website. After almost three years of iterations and development, the public chain saw the Dragon, Fly, and Tiger upgrades and has an average of 4,500+ TPS. WaykiChain used Lua as the basis and introduced the powerful smart contract engine WASM on top of it, launched the WUSD stablecoin, the decentralized collateral lending system Wayki-CDP, Wayki-DEX, the decentralized synthetic asset protocol Wayki-X, and other products to form an integrated DeFi ecosystem. …

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WaykiChain (WICC) Monthly Report (December 2020)

EN Version

Technology & Products

Public Chain Development

· Public chain 4.0: token contract deployment in a local private chain (100%)

· Public chain 4.0: exchange creation and order submission developed for DEX contract (100%)

· Public chain 4.0: initialization, matching, settlement, order cancellation, and pair adding realized for DEX contract (100%)

· Public chain 4.0: DEX order matching index designed and realized (100%)

· Public chain 4.0: DEX on-chain limit order matching realized (100%)

· Public chain 4.0: DEX on-chain market order matching realized (100%)

· Public chain 4.0: addition of the External ID field for DEX orders…

WaykiChain WICC

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