A New Take on Classic DeFi! WaykiChain Governance Token WGRT Successfully Mapped on Ethereum and Joined Uniswap. Liquidity Mining and Staking Come Next.

WaykiChain governance token WGRT has been successfully mapped on Ethereum through a gateway, creating ERC-20 WGRT tokens. Uniswap, the world’s largest DEX, officially supports it and launched the WGRT / USDT trading pair.

(Contract Address:https://etherscan.io/token/0x94e0c6704C32D18B7A9a5912A26Dd184b8Bdc6BA

WGRT is the governance and equity token of WaykiChain’s decentralized collateralized lending platform. OKEx and AEX listed it. The mapping and Uniswap integration will help connect the WaykiChain and Ethereum DeFi ecologies, generate exponential synergy in lending, mining, and liquidity, and attract more users to WaykiChain DeFi.

The current gateway mapping quota will not exceed 50% of the total circulation supply of WGRT in the first year (before July 1, 2021). That is 1.05 billion tokens. WaykiChain Foundation revealed its plans to launch liquidity mining and staking-related events and products on Ethereum together with Chinese and international communities in the near future to further expand the appreciation space of WGRT!

Official Website: https://www.waykichain.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wayki_chain

Telegram: https://t.me/wiccofficial

@MeloCai @qwe0701 @sakaizumi

Email: marketing@waykichainhk.com

Wallet Download: https://sw91.net/appdl/waykiTimes/download.html

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