The Review of WaykiChain(WICC)’s Two Product Launch Conferences— WaykiChain DAPP’s Chinese version and International version

On May 13 and May 31, 2018, “WaykiChain(WICC)” held two remarkable product launch conferences in Shenzhen, China, and Seoul, Korea. WaykiChain(WICC) DAPP’s Chinese version and International version were launched respectively.

Highlights of two conferences:

Masters gathering and stars shining

The famous “Fencing Master” of digital currency industry, founder of WaykiChain: Wayki Sun

WaykiChain Chief Consultant and Bit Times founder: Tame Huang

WaykiChain Technology Supportive Officer, one of the founders of “Chinese version of Ethereum”: Liao Wei

WaykiChain CEO: Valentina Chai

WaykiChain Chief Operation Officer: Tony Chau

WaykiChain Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Analyst: Gao Hang

President of Korea Blockchain Application Association

Representatives of world-class exchanges such as Huobi, Upbit, etc.

Delegates of Korean state media: Central Daily News

Journalists of CCTV, People’s Daily, and Xinhua News Agency in Korea

Representatives of Golden Finance, Home of Bitcoin and other media

Korea Digital Currency R&D Institute (

Beyond band member Steve Wong Ka-keung

Korean famous host Kim Nam-hee

Chinese famous host Li Xiang

Application landing, revolutionizing prediction platform

The focus of both two conferences was WaykiChain wallet DAPP

When WaykiChain DAPP was published, it caused a sensation. It is the first landing Blockchain prediction game DAPP and the only Blockchain prediction game DAPP so far. It has an epochal significance in the history of Blockchain and has also left a remarkable imprinting in the history of prediction industry. WaykiChain DAPP will lead the innovation direction toward Blockchain applicable technology of the whole prediction industry.

Luxury gifts given away, conferences were fully packed. There were valuable gifts WaykiChain-Laofengxiang pure gold bars given away on both conferences, and also lucky drawing packages of Apple products (iPhone X, iPad, iWatch).

The attendance was far more than expected, reaching more than 1,000 people for both conferences with all seats occupied. Many participants remained standing until the end of the conferences.

The enthusiasm of the participants was so high. During the product’s presentation, applause from the audience continued to buzz. The Korean participants even waited two hours ahead of time to queue up for the conference.

Representatives of six Korean exchanges, including Upbit, attended the conference and expressed positive cooperation intentions with WaykiChain. The President of Korea Blockchain Application Association and Korea Digital Currency R&D Institute ( expressed high recognition for WaykiChain team and products.

As of 12:00 pm, June 1st, there are near 70,000 downloads of the updated version WaykiChain DAPP wallet. And by far, around 13,000 users have signed up for WaykiChain Championship II !

WaykiChain’s two product launch conferences have effectively stimulated the growth of DAPP downloads, and attracted more and more people to participate in WaykiChain Championship activities to experience the power of Blockchain such as open and transparent technology and encryption security.






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