An Update on WaykiChain(WICC) ’s Vision, Mission and the Road Ahead

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The “wisdom of the crowd” phenomenon has been widely explored by many experts. The discovery that the aggregate answers of many different people are often superior to those of individuals has jumpstarted new companies and industries. Companies like Wikipedia, Quora, and StackExchange show us how crowdsourced answers can lead to fast and accurate information. The rise of prediction markets demonstrates how crowdsourced answers can lead to financial gains. These markets, if leveraged at scale, could potentially provide the world with one of most efficient forecasting tools available.

It just illustrates a quote of Wayki Sun, founder of WaykiChain,

“Our business model is the most down-to-earth and the most likely to put into application. From the perspective of business model and business logic, it is the easiest to realize. We are committed to creating a whole ecological system with large scale.”

WaykiChain is not All About Prediction

Decentralized prediction is not the core of WaykiChain, it’s the entry point we take to empower the business model through market expansion. Meanwhile, WaykiChain is also targeting at the application of decentralized assets trading and decentralized foreign exchange trading.

WaykiChain Public Chain, launched in May 2018.

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A Chart of WaykiChain Compared with Big Public Chains

Through comparison with other renowned chains like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc, it’s easy to find out that WaykiChain’s transaction rate is currently 30 times faster than that of Ethereum. Another huge advantage over many other competitors is that WaykiChain opens sourced both the blockchain core software and supporting developer tools and SDK on Github since this May, empowering third parties to develop their applications in a developer-friendly manner.

WaykiChain Dapp, launched in May 2018.

WaykiChain DApp has been upgraded to V2.1 ever since, attracting over 130,000 users to download and bet. The latest product DApp V2.5 is planned to launch in November, which enables a new feature that everyone can be a bet builder. With the authoritative event data and services provided by WaykiChain DApp, user even without any technical or product background can build a bet in simply one-click. And at the end of the game, DApp will automatically call the smart contract to calculate the bet results and deliver payouts, without any manual participation.

Waykitimes Wallet, Beyond Times.

The new WaykiChain wallet, named as Waykitimes to be launched on November will retain the original wallet functions, such as Lock Revenue Sharing and node voting. The newly added “Forum” gathers the community of WaykiChain and blockchain together, will become an ecology of open communication. Meanwhile, it will have a “News” section to meet different users’ needs. In the future, Waykitimes will implement WaykiChain token economy to encourage the community members.

Worldwide Communities

WaykiChain is also expanding its overseas community. “Global or die.” Gao, WaykiChain CEO said, globalization is the development trend for blockchain technology, if a company is limited in one country or area, it won’t make long. Over 33,000 members in English-speaking telegram group, more than 10,000 in facebook and 3,000 in twitter, WaykiChainers all around the world are making WaykiChain a global community worth its name.

Reasons Why WaykiChain Aims to Vanish

“The day when WaykiChain Co. ‘disappears’ will mark a tremendous success.” said WaykiChain CEO Gordon Gao. “Disappear” brings a totally decentralized, community-driven autonomous blockchain ecosystem. We don’t mean to fail but to weaken the predominant role of WaykiChain in the entire ecosystem, and eventually transforming to be one of the contributors. Our vision is to build a decentralized, community self-governance big platform and big ecosystem, and we are moving toward it.”

WakiChain will continue to contribute to the development of blockchain as always.

Welcome feedback from the community, so please do get in touch. Want to dive in further? Follow WaykiChain on Twitter, Medium and LinkedIn.

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