Announcement on Completion Maintenance of WaykiTimes

WaykiTimes maintenance has been completed. The wallet function, CDP, DEX have been restored to be available now.

On the evening of February 10, WaykiChain Team discovered that an amount of asset of an account controlled by a team had been transferred out. WaykiChain team adhere to the principle of safety, immediately carry out wallet service maintenance, and wallet security for a comprehensive investigation. After code review and technical analysis, it was verified that the reason for the theft was internal network intrusion leading to information leakage. WaykiTimes and other products didn’t show any security risk, and can be used safely. WaykiChain technology team has secured and isolated access to key asset accounts. The theft caused about $10,000 in losses.

This system maintenance is to provide users with a more efficient, stable and secure WaykiTimes wallet. Thank you for your understanding and support in this process. After the wallet service is stable, the team will contact the exchange to open the charging one after another.

WaykiTimes Android clients can be accessed normally; The WaykiChain team has a new solution to the older version of WaykiTimes IOS. Users need to download the APP again and import mnemonic words. Please scan the qr code below and download and install according to the prompts. (please be sure to read the following points before installation.)

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The download cannot cover the installation;

If the IOS user has not exported mnemonic words or mnemonic words before, please contact WaykiChain product manager(Telegram): @Melo Cai to help recover the mnemonic words or mnemonic words by using itunes on the computer side;

please be sure to follow WaykiChain Team’s instructions step by step to complete the operation;

No need to authorize the “trust device”;

If you don’t have enough volume , contact product manager. Telegram: @Melo Cai

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