Announcement on ROG Farming Release Date Extension

WaykiChain WICC
1 min readJul 22, 2021


Dear participants of Phoenix Yield Farming by WaykiChain,

In Phoenix Yield Farming, WaykiChain users could pledge WICC or WGRT in a pool to farm ROG tokens. Originally, the WICC pool expiration date was July 22, 2021.

Due to a previous delay in the dispatch system that distributes ROG farming rewards, the respective rewards have not been completely distributed as planned. To ensure the interests of yield farming participants, the distribution of ROG farming rewards will continue till completion.

According to the current reward distribution progress, the official expiration date of the WICC pool when all locked WICC tokens are released is August 01, 2021.

ROG (Rods of God) is the native asset of the decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol Wayki-X. It is the vital support and value endorsement for all synths in Wayki-X. Users can farm ROG by pledging WICC or WGRT. ROG can be used as collateral to mint xUSD and to get ROG rewards by inflation and a part of xUSD trading fees.

WaykiChain Team

July 21, 2021