Announcement on the ROG Genesis Yield Farming Launch Incident and Compensation Plan

Dear WaykiChain users,

Due to time constraints, WaykiTimes has not been tested on some mobile phone models. A part of users is unable to enter the wallet password to join ROG Genesis Yield Farming and missed today’s subscription. Please take deep apologies from WaykiChain.

After the failure appeared, WaykiChain’s technical team immediately located and fixed the password control page of the mobile terminal. Still, if the fix does not work on your mobile phone, please contact us promptly.

By starting ROG Genesis Yield Farming with limited quota, WaykiChain aims to increase the popularity and there was no such thing as secret whale whitelisting. To compensate everyone, the original subscription plan is cancelled starting tomorrow. After 20:00 HKT on September 26, all users can join Yield Farming with no quota limits.

Finally, WaykiChain thanks all community users for the continued support. WaykiChain once again sincerely apologizes for the bad user experience this incident brought to everyone.

WaykiChain Team
September 25, 2020

Telegram: @MeloCai @wiccofficial


Official website:


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