Announcement: WaykiChain DApp 2.0 will Stop Service from April 14,2019

Dear WaykiChain DApp2.0 Wallet users, attention please!

WaykiChain DApp2.0 Wallet has been updated as #WaykiTimes Wallet, so WaykiChain will stop the update and service support for WaykiChain DApp2.0 Wallet from April 14, 2019!!

In order to your better experience on functions and safety of Wallet, please download #WaykiTimes App as soon as possible, and import mnemonics from WaykiChain DApp2.0 Wallet to WaykiTimes Wallet.

【Here is WaykiTimes v1.2.0 Google Play download link:】

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More information about WaykiChain Official Website:

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