Another Market Recognition: Launches WGRT Listing Vote and Adds to WGRT Value selected WaykiChain governance token WGRT for the Listing Vote #39. Event time is 06:00 AM GMT September 9, 2020 to 03:00 AM GMT September 10, 2020. Each voter has a chance to share an airdrop of 420,875.43 WGRT.

Currently, WGRT trades on the first-tier platform OKEx, the world’s largest DEX Uniswap, and AEX. Selection by reflects the market recognition of WGRT and speaks for its broad development and appreciation space!

WGRT is the governance and equity token of WaykiChain’s global decentralized collateral loan platform. WGRT holders can participate in the system governance and parameter adjustment, and benefit from the entire DeFi ecosystem of WaykiChain. WaykiChain has recently completed the upgrade to v3.0 that added the cross-chain mechanism and put the project in the ballpark of top public chains. WaykiChain WICC collateral is 45 million tokens or about USD 10 million. Total WUSD loans amount for USD 2.6 million. WUSD utility embraces overseas payments and investment in innovative Hong Kong stocks. Former TRON co-founder Ming Liu has recently joined the WaykiChain talent team to empower the project’s DeFi layout.

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