“Big Ecosystem” of WaykiChain Attracted Industry Attention at “2018 Huobi Round-the-Globe Tour”

On August 11, “2018 Huobi Round-the-Globe Tour” hosted by Huobi-Global was held in Nanshan, Shenzhen. With the theme of “Closed Loop of Blockchain Industry”, hundreds of business leaders, experts and scholars, as well as representatives from blockchain companies, investment firms and technical communities gathered together to discuss the future development of blockchain technology and application. WaykiChian’s CTO, Richard Chen, also delivered a speech as a special guest.

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2018 Huobi Round-the-Globe Tour in Shenzhen

The conference was hosted by former CCTV hostess Xiaofei Guo. As an opening of the conference, Jiawei Zhu, COO of Huobi Group, delivered a keynote speech to introduce the business plan and framework of Huobi, and wished the conference a complete success. General Manager of Huobi Community Division and Senior Analyst of Huobi Research also spoke and presented the latest blockchain trend research report with informative and forward-looking insight, facilitating the guests with better understanding of blockchain’s future.

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WaykiChain CTO Richard Chen

As one of the highlights of this conference, WaykiChain CTO Richard Chen shared “Centralization & Decentralization of WaykiChain Applications”, which won applause from time to time. WaykiChain is currently focused on the mission of turning blockchain prediction into mainstream. To achieve this mission, WaykiChain has promoted a series of activities which have been highly recognized by investors. But at the same time, there are also some investors misunderstanding that WaykiChain is only focusing on prediction market.

In his sharing, Richard fully explained the ultimate goal of WaykiChain — “Prosperous and autonomous big ecosystem and platform” from the application architecture and public chain construction planning of WaykiChain. The speech helped investors to have a more comprehensive, stereoscopic, and deeper understanding of WaykiChain and further strengthened their confidence.

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Richard Chen Shared WaykiChain’s “Big Ecosystem” Strategy

In the later “Huobi Round-the-Globe Tour” round table, those big figures freely talked about their opinions about the future of blockchain industry. Those different and incisive ideas sparked at the scene.

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Round Table

It is reported that Huobi chose Shenzhen as the first stop of “2018 Huobi Round-the-Globe Tour” because Shenzhen has a developed financial market and is gradually becoming an important center of blockchain technology and economy in the world.

“Huobi Round-the-Globe Tour” has built a communication bridge for the blockchain industry investors, projects and business partners, which is significant to the confidence and overall development of blockchain industry.

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