Binance 2-Way Swap Between WICC and WICC-01D is Launched on WaykiTimes (Operation Guide in the Article)

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WaykiChain’s coin WICC has been listed on Binance decentralization platform Binance DEX on July 23, the token swapped on the Binance chain through the cross-chain technology is WICC-01D.

In order to achieve the swap between WICC and WICC-01D, WaykiChain has previously launched the Binance Swap service and has begun to support the swap from WICC to WICC-01D. After further improvement of the function, currently Swap tool (mobile devices only) has supported the swap between WICC and WICC-01D, which can help to recharge and withdraw WICC on Binance DEX.

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I am glad to give you the details about the swap operation process between WICC and WICC-01D.

SWAP (mobile) operation guide

Step 1

After entering the Swap interface and importing the Binance Wallet mnemonic, input the amount and correct WaykiChain mainnet address in “Withdraw WICC”.

Recharge amount**>=1 WICC-01D**;

Each withdrawal operation will be charged 0.0004 BNB fee by the Binance wallet.

Step 2

Send WICC-01D: sending a certain amount of WICC-01D to the lock account of Binance administrator.

1. WICC-01D block confirmation.

2. To ensure the transaction reliability, you need to wait for 12 consecutive Binance chain block confirmations.

Step 3

Send WICC: After the WICC-01D is successfully sent, WaykiChain administrator account will transfer the corresponding WICC to the user’s WaykiTimes wallet, similar to WICC-01D transaction, WICC transaction also needs block confirmation.

Step 4

Withdrawal success: After the confirmation of the WICC block is completed, the withdrawal is successful. Users can check the results of the transaction in WaykiTimes Wallet Address and WaykiChain Blockchain Browser.

Download WaykiTimes:

Binance DEX transaction link:

Swap Tool link:

More info

Tutorial video:

About listing:
About WICC-01D:

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