Chinese elements occupy the World Cup in Russia, WaykiChain(WICC) prediction triggers the summer carnival!

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Two days later, 2018 FIFA World Cup will kick off in Russia. Even though China National Football Team cannot take part in the competition , Chinese elements have never been absent!

According to the statistics from FIFA, Chinese fans have bought more than 40,000 tickets of the World Cup, ranking 9th among all countries. This year, Chinese companies take 5 seats of the 17 sponsors of the World Cup. The mascot of Russia World Cup is made in China, and 100,000 World Cup crawfish are already on the road from China to Russia… According to the conservative estimates from Russia, during the World Cup, over 100,000 Chinese fans will swarm into Russia to watch the matches. Therefore, China and Russia will open “China House” in Moscow to welcome Chinese fans.

The famous host Bai Yansong can not help but joked “So, in the World Cup, basically all Chinese elements attend except for China National Football Team.”

The happy fans have rushed to Russia. What about the fans who cannot watch the World Cup on spot for various reasons? Don’t worry, WaykiChain prediction game will accompany you through the World Cup.

WaykiChain wallet DApp is a decentralized wallet DApp based on blockchain technology. It mainly provides payment services such as transfer and deposit of WICC, and prediction games of basketball, football and other entertainment events based on smart contracts.

WaykiChain Wallet DAPP, as the first and the only one prediction application in blockchain industry, has the following advantages:

First, WaykiChain World Cup prediction games use smart contracts to ensure that WaykiChain football games prediction is just and fair. WaykiChain football games prediction uses distributed ledgers to record all football games information. All football games prediction information will be recorded on the blockchain, and no one can tamper with the football games record on the blockchain application.

Second, WaykiChain World Cup prediction’s point-to-point direct participation. WaykiChain provides its own public chain for fans around the world to participate in football games prediction on the public chain. It is truly decentralized and global fans can participate in Russian World Cup football games prediction directly.

Third, WaykiChain World Cup prediction games do not need to concern about market supervision. WaykiChain football games prediction uses blockchain technology to allow users to participate in prediction with tokens, largely evading the relevant risks.

Fourth, WaykiChain World Cup prediction games are rich in variety. In addition to World Cup events, there are also resourceful games in various countries and regions, as well as prediction of popular events.

WaykiChain will start the World Cup events prediction when the World Cup comes. WaykiChain Championship III will also warm up during the World Cup period, celebrating the passionate summer with worldwide fans. WaykiChain is ready for the upcoming World Cup. WaykiChain will set off for Russia, triggers the World Cup, and start a carnival with global football fans!

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