Countermeasures for WaykiChain(WICC) Stablecoin System Potential Risks (1)

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Any system has potential security risks, and it is essential and critical for the original designers, developers, and even community managers to understand the system risks and set some rules to minimize the possibility of risk or the degree of harm caused by risk. The potential risks and countermeasures to WaykiChain stablecoin system are detailed here.

Market Fluctuation


Improper Governance

In addition, super nodes may not be experts in related fields, and most holders may not have the economic background or technical background needed to support objective voting decision, so there may be judgment errors.


But the nodes will also be the most relevant party of the interests of WICC. In theory, the nodes will not have the motive to damage the system, because it will also damage its own interests. Therefore, rules set will make the rights and obligations of each role in the system equal, and restrict the damage from the community.

WaykiChain team will provide complete details and information about the stablecoin system and work with the community to spread the relevant knowledge.

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