Former Morgan Stanley Vice President and Intel Chief Architect — Richard Chen Joins WaykiChain as CTO.

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Former Morgan Stanley Vice President, Intel Chief Architect — Richard Chen(Xiaodong Chen), will officially join WaykiChain(WICC) as Chief Technology Officer on July 16, 2018.

Richard Chen has successively worked for Intel, Morgan Stanley and Alibaba responsible for technical management. After joining WaykiChain, Richard will develop a professional technology development roadmap, and build a strong technical system for WaykiChain. Richard will also help to strengthen and deepen the construction of WaykiChain ecological application community, and enrich the development strategies of WaykiChain’s business and internationalization.

Richard Chen has made great achievements in Internet and information security technology: he has not only obtained a number of global patents in the fields of distributed digital encryption security system, wireless communications and big data, but also won IAA, the highest employee achievement award of Intel. And because of his design of the security product technology architecture, he was known as “the father of student computer anti-theft technology”. With thoroughly researching in blockchain technology in recent years, Richard has designed multiple cryptocurrency blockchain browsers, blockchain address trackers for exchanges, and blockchain lettering tools. Recently, he has successfully led the launch of an emerging trading&mining exchange and the issuance of its smart contract coins. Richard is excellent at the optimization of underlying technology and the overall architecture design of blockchain. After joining WaykiChain, Richard will help to accurately locate and completely solve the problems in development process, and promote various technological innovations.







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