FREE 100,000 WICC! WaykiChain X Binance Chain Airdrop on Binance DEX to Start

To celebrate WICC listing on the Binance DEX, WaykiChain team is excited to announce the big airdrop activity — 100,000 WICC Airdrop for WaykiChainers!

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WaykiChain X Binance Chain 100,000 WICC Airdrop on Binance DEX

To give back to our both domestic and overseas communities, we are thrilled to announce an hot and an incentive trading competition.

Airdrop (First Round)

Total Rewards: 100,000 WICC

Promotion Period: 7 days (per round)

Date: 21 Aug 00:00 UTC — 28 Aug 23:59 UTC


1. Follow WaykiChain Twitter: @wayki_chain & retweet the activity

2. Enter WaykiChain official Telegram group:

3. Send your Binance Chain address starting with ‘bnb’ in Telegram group

Winners: 50 winners in total.

Top 30 BNB addresses: get 200 WICC per winner;

20 random addresses selected among the rest: get 100 WICC per winner.

Extra Bonus:

1. The highest recorded trade volume per day — win 300 WICC ! (Send a WICC trading screenshot with address to confirm)

2. After the activity, if the total Binance Chain address volume exceed 500, WaykiChain will airdrop an additional 2,000 WICC distributed equally across all Binance Chain addresses that had a minimum of 500 WICC total trading volume.

Easy to win FREE WICC! Never miss!

Trading Competition


08:00 AM, 21/08/2019 (UTC) to 08:00 AM, 28/08/2019 (UTC).

Activity Rules:

All Binance Chain addresses that meet the following requirements during each full day of the challenge period will equally share a pool of 15,000 WICC:

— Reach a trading volume of 1,000 or more WICC (including buys and sells) on Binance DEX

— Hold ≥100 WICC

— Hold ≥1 BNB

Additionally, the top 6 traders (by volume) who meet the requirements above will win up to 2,000 WICC.

1st place: 600 WICC

2nd place: 500 WICC

3rd place: 300 WICC

4th place: 200 WICC

5th place: 100 WICC

6th place(10): 30 WICC

Toss your trading addresses on DEX in our telegram group chat or email us at marketing

For more details please see:

Welcome feedback from the community, so please do get in touch. Want to dive in further? Follow WaykiChain on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn.

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