From Name to Mission: WaykiChain’s Decentralization Revolution

WaykiChain WICC
3 min readMay 17


When we first hear the name “WaykiChain,” many of us might feel a sense of familiarity. This isn’t a coincidence, as the inspiration for the name “WaykiChain” comes from a source familiar to us all — Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia.

Wikipedia, with its decentralized, crowdsourced approach, has established a new mode of knowledge sharing. Users worldwide can contribute content and review and amend existing content. This approach ensures accuracy and fully embodies the spirit of decentralization — a core concept of blockchain technology.

Therefore, inspired by this spirit of decentralization, the founding team of WaykiChain named their project “WaykiChain.”

WaykiChain is not just a name, but a mission. This mission is to utilize blockchain technology to provide infrastructure and industry-level solutions for various sectors and critical vertical domains. WaykiChain’s public chain technology, with its high performance, efficiency, smart contracts, and decentralized governance capabilities, has become a leader in industry technology.

Meanwhile, WaykiChain plays a significant role in the financial sector. It has propelled the development of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), enabling people to access financial services in a more open and convenient manner. This undoubtedly plays a crucial role in driving the development of the blockchain industry and transforming the future of financial services.

We are now stepping into the Web3 era, a new age where decentralization leads and data ownership is returned to the user. In this era, how will WaykiChain continue to develop and carry forward the spirit implied by its name to shine a light on the continued advancement of blockchain? The answer lies in WaykiChain’s developmental roadmap.

Firstly, WaykiChain will further deepen its application in the financial sector, promote DeFi’s development, and allow more people to enjoy fair and transparent financial services. Meanwhile, WaykiChain will also strive to promote the application of blockchain technology in various other industries, such as education and fairness, to better serve society.

Secondly, WaykiChain will actively participate in and promote the development of Web3 technology. By constructing a more efficient and secure blockchain network structure and improving decentralized applications, it aims to drive the construction of the Web3 ecosystem, providing users with a safer, freer, and fairer network environment.

Moreover, WaykiChain will continue to expand community construction, encouraging more developers and users to participate in blockchain development and use. Through the power of the community, it aims to stimulate innovation in blockchain technology and allow more people to understand and accept blockchain, thus promoting its popularization.

Finally, WaykiChain adheres to a spirit of openness and cooperation, working in deep partnership with blockchain enterprises and institutions worldwide to jointly promote the development of blockchain technology.

WaykiChain, a name that carries the spirit of decentralization and a mission to change the world, will continue to innovate and face challenges fearlessly in the upcoming Web3 era. With the power of blockchain technology, it will provide better services for users worldwide, create greater value for the global community, and together welcome the advent of Web3.