Full Value Circulation, Super Node Election, and Decentralized Governance on WaykiChain

According to WaykiChain white paper, WICC total supply is 210 million. 15% of it (31.5 million) is reserved for the developer team, early investors, and operations team in return for their contribution to the early project development. Since July 2018, 10.5 million WICC was scheduled to be unlocked every quarter. Full circulation must have been reached in Q2 2019. However, after unlocking 10.5 million WICC, in order to express the determination to work, WaykiChain team decided to continue the lock-up of 21 million WICC in a smart contract on WaykiChain mainnet for four years.

On October 20, 2019, with the WaykiChain Ascend upgrade, the block generation speed increased significantly from 10 to 3 seconds. Due to this, the 21 million locked WICC was unlocked together with community lock-ups in July 2020. Thus, WICC circulating supply increased from 189 to 210 million.

WaykiChain has recently launched Super Node Election to create 21 public super nodes globally so as to move towards decentralized governance, further enrich the ecosystem, implement more commercial application scenarios, and promote the value appreciation of WaykiChain!

WaykiChain’s WICC token was launched in January 2018 and can circulate freely within WaykiChain ecosystem. Its use cases include pledging to borrow the WUSD stablecoin, pledging to mint ROG, and trading on Wayki-DEX.

WaykiChain Super Node Apply Portal:https://forms.gle/RA2S4zkZcF14LEFn9


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