Global Sleepless Blockchain Leaders Summit opens, WaykiChain comes overwhelmingly

Bitcoin changed currency, WaykiChain changed betting

On June 6th, 2018, the highly anticipated Global Sleepless Blockchain Leader Summit was opened at the Yunxi Small Town International Convention and Exhibition Center in Hangzhou. The conference was a grand gathering for the exchange of blockchain circle and attracted famous blockchain industry firms across the country. Well-known companies’ delegates came to the exhibition to discuss the future of blockchain, and showcased their latest products and technologies in an era of continuous technological innovation and product upgrade.

The summit was directed by Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government, co-sponsored by Hangzhou Economic and Information Commission and Hangzhou Xihu District People’s Government. This meeting gathered almost half of blockchain masters in the country. Experts, scholars, and industry experts in blockchain industry made keynote speeches at the meeting, and discussed the future direction of blockchain economy, the innovation and prosperity behind blockchain, and the ecology of current blockchain development.

WaykiChain, as an invited guest, also exhibits its products in the exhibition hall. Because of WaykiChain’s unique and novel DApp Wallet product, a large number of visitors were attracted to WaykiChain’s booth to try and experience WaykiChain’s Dapp wallet. And our staff explained our product’s features and advantages to visitors patiently. Besides, if visitors download our Dapp wallet at the scene, WaykiChain will reward them with WICC so they can activate their WaykiChain Dapp wallet immediately, which shows WaykiChain’s generosity to users.

During the summit, Gao Hang, Senior Vice President of WaykiChain, Xuchu Fang, the founder of Chain Capital, Jingyu Huan, the founder of Atlas Capital, Yu Bao, the initiator of the Yinhu Forum, Lizhong Li, Chairman of Jinvovo Blockchain, Jun Li, Head of Business Investment Department of Economic and Trade Chamber of One Belt One Road, and some other industry elites participated in the in-depth discussion of the risk and future of Blockchain industry.

At the end of the summit was the award ceremony. WaykiChain won “Best Market Performance Award” for its outstanding performance in the market. This award indicates that WaykiChain has won recognition from the market and trust from the official. WaykiChain will continue to strive to meet these expectations and give more are more good news to WaykiChain’s supporters!

This summit has positive significance in solving the existing difficulties and exploring the future development direction of Blockchain industry. The summit has facilitated the development of Blockchain industry and made valuable communications and explorations on the future developing direction of Blockchain industry.

Through this summit, WaykiChain has a clearer understanding to the future development path, and has also strengthened the confidence to be successful in Blockchain industry. The future is coming, let’s hold our breath and look forward to WaykiChain’s growing!






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