WaykiChain(WICC) WUSD Good to Know (1)| How does WakiChain Stablecoin Benefit for WaykiChain Ecosystem

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When WaykiChain stablecoin system locks WICC, and the value of WICC increases as the number of locked WICC increases.

The reason why the system keeps locking WICC is that there are a steady stream of pledgers who obtain WUSD through pledging their WUSD. The application of WUSD will influence the value of WICC in this way.

In the early stage of WUSD, there are mainly three application scenarios as follows:

a) business partners generate demand for WUSD, such as financing through WUSD;

b) for WUSD holders, this system is a financial instrument that can be leveraged. They can continue to buy WICC or other tokens with the WUSD obtained by pledging WICC;

c) with the prosperous development of the public chain ecosystem, DApp users on the public chain will all become WUSD users.

Since WICC is the support behind each WUSD, users who use WUSD can hence own WICC,so this is also a non-sensical form of coin holding.

The release of WUSD adds a very practical and extensive application scenario to WaykiChain ecosystem, which can effectively improve the value of WICC. In addition, in terms of publicity, the promotion of stablecoin will also increase the world’s awareness and understanding of WaykiChain mainnet.

WaykiChain Stablecoin Model Advantages

A) Stronger Risks Resistance Ability

WaykiChain stablecoin, WUSD has two layers of risk protection mechanism with an unique “risk reserve”, compared to the current market cryptocurrency collateral stablecoin with only one risk mechanism, WUSD has a stronger risk resistance ability.This is because WICC and WUSD are both part of the public chain ecosystem, so they can promote each other positively.

B) Unique Application Advantages

In addition to cooperation and application of financial tools, the unique advantage of WUSD is the DApp application scenario based on WaykiChain public chain. WUSD will become an infrastructure for the DApps.WUSD can benefit from the growth of public chain users, and stablecoin is also an effective channel for public chain to reach a wider user group. The development of WUSD and the prosperity of public chain ecosystem is also promoting each other.

C) Technical Architecture Advantages

WUSD is developed based on the bottom layer of the public chain, which is different from the type based on smart contract, so it ensures better security, governance and scalability. As the world’s first public chain stablecoin, WaykiChain stablecoin WUSD will effectively promote the realization of launching outside the industry, providing players who have no contact with cryptocurrency with an opportunity to easily access our DApps on chain. At the same time, as a decentralized financial instrument, it will meet the needs of investors more safely, widely and efficiently. The mutual promotion of users within and outside the industry and mutual promotion of stablecoin and public chain will ultimately flourish WaykiChain ecosystem.

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