How Far Are We From the DApp Era?

— Interpretation of WaykiChain(WICC) Ecological Co-construction

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The blockchain industry experienced a wild fluctuation last year, and in this year, it starts to return the path of rational development. At the beginning of this year, the war for gaining more excellent developers between projects had already started. Almost all the public chains were making effort on it. Public chain projects invested heavily in capital, technology and resources, and launched corresponding support programs.

What is worth thinking about is, what do we fight for in this war? What are the high-quality DApps that everyone is waiting for? And how far are we from the real DApp Era?

Although DApp grew rapidly from 2018 to 2019, the type was single and not creative. The core issue is that the standards are not uniformed and the performance of applications is inconsistent.

The same application needs to be developed repeatedly on different platforms, which is a huge loss for the developer teams.

This April, Gordon Gao, the CEO of WaykiChain, announced $1.5 million ‘DApp Funding Program’ to provide all-around support for developers around the world and help them to develop DApps on WaykiChain and make sustainable profits. The biggest difference with all other public chain projects is that WaykiChain’s DApp Funding Program is based on developers and always focuses on developers. WaykiChain provides financial support, technical support, team promotion, product promotion, resource docking, application operation etc. All-around support. In addition, WaykiChain looks forward to a long-term, stable relationship with developers through this program, working with developers to run their DApps together. Obviously, as Gordon Gao mentioned, WaykiChain expects the win-win achievement with excellent global developer teams. Although DApp Funding Program is launched by the WaykiChain, it will not be the only protagonist in this ecosystem. This can be regarded as a big highlight of the WaykiChain public chain ecological construction !

We do not know when is the DApp Era, but participating in and building WaykiChain’s ecosystem with every WaykiChainer will be the best choice for global developers.

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