Interview with WaykiChain(WICC) Telegram Community manager Dave Oke

Today is our Telegram Community manager’s Birthday, so we had this little interview to let you know more about David Oke (or Dave the King as some members call him).

- Hi Dave and Happy Birthday! Wish you health and wealth, hope you’re having a nice time with your friends and family tonight, give us couple minutes to learn something about you. So what’s your nickname and where are you from?

- Hi WaykiChainers, I am Sir_Davies from Nigeria (Yoruba tribe).

- Got you, how did you get into the blockchain-world?

- I got into the crypto world 2 years ago through a friend. He’s a bitcoin merchant, so I’ve learnt a lot about blockchain and crypto from him, plus started doing my own research. Then I got to the ICO sphere. Started to look for community management job to be in touch with large amount of crypto-enthusiasts, at the same time I’ve started my own company to work with different projects.

- Interesting! How did you start with WaykiChain?

- I just saw a job description on LinkedIn (thanks Jessica!), CV, simple interview and I’m in! WaykiChain quickly turned into a family for me, I love my comrades there: Sissi, Joanna, Frena, Louis and Ondrey. WaykiChain is obviously the project with a bright future, that also makes work easy for me.

- What can you say about WICC community? How is it changing with all the time you know them?

- They’re awesome, I’ve the community growing from 7k members to almost 20k now. We have pretty active and even few VERY active users there. We have daily announcements, weekly Trivia game plus a lot of insights and social media shares. Sometimes our members go so creative, so quotes turn into memes or GIFs, that’s great!

- How do you see the nearest future of blockchain generally and in Nigeria?

- That’s a question I was waiting for! Because I am an influencer in Nigeria, especially in crypto. I have some strong connections myself and government also encouraging blockchain and crypto recently, so I believe it’s gonna be huge! Mass adoption for sure. Sadly, some Nigerians use blockchain and crypto for scamming people, that influence the image of “Nigerian crypto” a lot. But actually there are a lot of job opportunities in that field, so I hope people won’t ruin the game and earn money fairly. In coming years I see Nigeria in a top-list of percentage of people using both blockchain and crypto. Might sounds unusual for someone from other continents, but actually people here already do a lot of transactions now and more of them are joining the crypto world every day.\

- What do you do when you’re offline?

- I don’t have time to have a proper sleep, but I’m always up for a quick one. Always I love football and video games, having not much free-time keeps me from being addicted, haha.

- What is different between European, Asian and African blockchain communities?

- We all know Asian crypto-community is the biggest, European is also mature, African one is just growing up now, but very soon (believe it or not!) we’ll have much higher number. A lot of start ups and ICO projects are coming from Africa. Also blockchain technologies help to solve the electricity issue and electricity issue motivate people to study blockchain technologies. So yeah, it’s coming soon!

- What would you suggest to those, who want to be local ambassador of WaykiChain?

- You can practice posting content daily to your own social platforms, don’t forget tags and always provide feedback for comments, try to be super-active online and check if you like it. If yes — apply in WaykiChain Twitter or by email, they answer pretty fast. If no — maybe you’re spectator, not creator, we all have our roles. Anyway, let’s be in touch through social media, chats or even offline, I’m excited to meet more people everywhere.

- Have your life changed since you become one of blockchain guys?

- YES… A big yes! I found life working in this industry. It has change a lot about me. Financially, socially, physically and all round.

- Thank you for the interview, that was insightful and inspiring! Any thing else you wanna share?

- Thank you too. Yeah! Shout out to my friend that’s being there for me since day one FASASI ISAH DAMILARE. My elder brother OKE OLUWASEGUN, Emmanuel Junaid (Odogwu) Adigun Ridwan, Team Optimist, the whole 400L FINANCE and ACCOUNTING Department, University Of Ilorin and ARIBAKE ❤️️

- Awesome! And one more time — Happy Birthday, Dave!

  • Thank you a lot! WaykiChain forever!

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