New Breakthrough, xUSD/USDT Two-way Ethereum Cross-chain Mapping Available!

WaykiChain has successfully developed cross-chain mapping to Ethereum and supports token swap for multiple assets: WGRT > ERC20_WGRT, WUSD > ERC20_WUSD, WUSD > ERC20_USDT, ERC20_USDT > WUSD. With the new two-way swap direction xUSD > ERC20_USDT, users can swap ERC-20 USDT for xUSD directly and vice versa, see the manual below.

Cross-chain two-way token swap between xUSD and ERC-20 USDT simplifies the exchange process and is extremely convenient. Besides, users can experience WaykiChain’s synthetic asset protocol Wayki-X and trade various cryptocurrencies, global stock indices, and quality US stocks. Cross-chain token swap will further improve the xUSD liquidity and expand ROG demand.

xUSD is a synth stablecoin minted through ROG collateral and tethered to the US dollar at 1:1 ratio. xUSD is publicly traded on Wayki-DEX, therefore, its price is determined by the market. If it breaks the US dollar tether, ROG holders will correct the price deviation through arbitrage. xUSD is the medium for synth trading and is equivalent to the USDT stablecoin on centralized exchanges.

The realization of the two-way xUSD token swap is a new breakthrough. For users, it opens up the gateway to enter and exit the synthetic asset protocol Wayki-X. It is also conducive to the user base expansion and promotes the development of WaykiChain derivatives!

xUSD <> ERC-20 USDT token swap manual

1. ERC20_USDT > xUSD

a) Open WaykiTimes, go to Discover and select Token Swap;

b) Under Ethereum to WaykiChain, press ERC20_USDT > xUSD and see the QR code of the ERC20_USDT reception address;

c) Example for imToken: open your ERC-20 USDT address, press Send, paste or scan the reception address, enter the USDT amount, and press Next. Wait 1 to 2 minutes. You will see the swap history in WaykiTimes after the swap completes.

2. xUSD > ERC20_USDT

a) Open WaykiTimes, go to Discover and select Token Swap;

b) Under WaykiChain to Ethereum, press xUSD > ERC20_USDT. Paste or scan your ERC-20 USDT reception address and enter the xUSD amount;

c) Press Confirm. Wait 1 to 2 minutes for the swap to complete. You will be able to see the transaction in history and receive the respective amount of ERC-20 USDT in your address.