News flash| WaykiChain (WICC) announced investment for Bitwires, 10 million funds investment in the blockchain ecosystem

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Recently, WaykiChain announced that it has completed its 10 million funds strategic investment in Bitwires and officially enters into blockchain media platforms. Bitwires (token: BKBT) is the top cryptocurrency value discovery platform in China, providing blockchain consulting and marketing services. Bitwires currently has 200,000 daily engagements worldwide and nearly 3 million people installed Bitwires app. The service of Bitwires covers China, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, India, and other regions. Affected by this news, BKBT was grown nearly 100% in Huobi on Feb,9,2020.

It is reported that in the bear market in 2019, WaykiChain has made multiple strategic investement in the entire blockchain ecosystem, and more details about 10 million fund investment will be disclosed in the near future.

Since WaykiChain has launched the DeFi platform, it has collateralized over 24 million WICC and issued over USD 1.4 million in WUSD. WaykiChain plans to complete the cross-chain process of BTC and ETH in the first half of 2020. After the completion of the decentralized cross-chain process, BTC and ETH are going to be supported as the collateral assets to generate WUSD.

If you want to more details about Waykichain, please visit:

WaykiChain Twitter: @wayki_chain



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