[News] WaykiChain Foundation Announced Its Equity Dividends from Beekuaibao Investment

WaykiChain Foundation has announced that this year’s dividends of its equity investment in the blockchain media platform Beekuaibao are worth about 470,000 USDT.
WaykiChain Foundation made a strategic investment in Beekuaibao in 2020. Beekuaibao is China’s top value discovery platform for cryptocurrency. It provides users with a smart information flow, knowledge graphs, CV-Rank, growth trajectory index, and other crypto-related services mainly covering China, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, and India.
Besides Beekuaibao, WaykiChain Foundation also made multiple diversified investments across the blockchain ecosystem, including financial media and securities institutions, and also increased its cryptocurrency holdings. The relevant investment income details will be disclosed in the near future.
Income from all investments and cash reserves will be strong support for the sustainable and long-term development of WaykiChain. In the future, WaykiChain will continue to be in close contact with leading international exchanges and promote the expansion of the trading markets for WICC and WGRT.


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