Private Key Login of WaykiTimes Will be Live in July

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No More Passwords! Private Key Login will be live on WaykiTimes instead of account & password in July! It enables a secure, convenient and open WaykiChain(WICC) ecosystem.

Compared with the traditional account password login, the private key signature method can greatly enhance the security of the asset. In the current cryptography, the private key ensures that it cannot be brute-forced. Moreover, since it is no longer necessary to repeatedly input account and password, the probability that the private key is accidentally exposed by the individual is much lower than that of the conventional login method. Whether it’s convenience or security, private key signatures can be greatly improved.

In our WaykiChain ecosystem, only a private key will be needed to seamlessly experience in all applications.

The new login method will be applied in WaykiTimes, and will be used in DApp of the whole WaykiChain ecosystem after the test runs well.

Stay tuned !!

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