Prize up to 7000USD: Wayki Super Champion Contest!

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Attention please!! Wayki Super Champion is going to start on April 10th. Everyone from all over the world is welcomed to participate to show your rich and in-depth understanding of WaykiChain project.


Waykichain provides a $7,000 USD prize to winners of Wayki Super Champion Contest. The prize will be awarded for meeting the following criteria.

WaykiChain will also provide Lucky AIRDROP for participants! Maybe you are the lucky one!

Judging Criteria

The winner will be chosen from among the participants by a panel of judges at Wayki Super Champion.

Performance on the article, video based on your understanding of WaykiChain DeFi, whitepaper as well as other materials we provide, and final session online with our contest judges.

Wayki Super Champion: 4000 USD

Article or video content (40%); online exposure (40%); Voting from community (20%)

Wayki Wisdom Star: 2000 USD

Article or video content (60%); online exposure (20%); Voting from community (20%)

Wayki Popular Star: 1000 USD

Article or video content (20%); online exposure (60%); Voting from community (20%)

Don’t wait up! Come and join us!



About WaykiChain

WaykiChain is committed to advancing and leading in the Blockchain industry by building and innovating in its Defi eco-system and underlying technologies. Relying on the inherent technical advantages of blockchain and its superior R&D strength, WaykiChain is empowered with high-performance transaction processing capabilities (TPS3300), an efficient mechanism of consensus (DPoS + pBFT), powerful smart contract, as well as the blockchain ecological decentralized control ability, WaykiChain can provide various major industries and key areas of vertical industry with infrastructure services and industry solutions.

Now, WaykiChain is developing decentralized financial services based on the stablecoin (WUSD) that is developed on the underlying public chain. The Defi system that WaykiChain is going to achieve is a decentralized bank without borders. Users can enjoy lower interest rates to do deposits, loans, exchange, buy financial products and other financial services on WaykiChain Defi ecosystem.

Since WaykiChain has launched the Defi platform, it has collateralized over 30 million WICC and issued over USD 1.4 million in WUSD. WaykiChain plans to complete the cross-chain process of BTC and ETH in the second half of 2020. After the completion of the decentralized cross-chain process, BTC and ETH are going to be supported as the collateral assets to generate WUSD.

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