Public Chain Development Direction: Exclusive with WaykiChain CEO Gordon, The Certainty of the World’s Uncertainty

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Price increase of WICC, how?

According to WaykiChain Whitepaper, more than 70% of WICC, the main coin of WaykiChain Public Chain, were circulating in the secondary market when it’s first issued. 70% is actually a rather high proportion, comparing to most of the blockchain projects. The high circulation ratio is a double-edged sword. It causes weaker control of WICC value in the secondary market. It is also difficult to false market value through marketing manipulation. On the other hand, the high circulation ratio won us more coin holders and community members. Hence, these more coin holders created higher expectations of price rasing. As the expectations spread, it resulted in a large-scale network effect, which, allowed WaykiChain to make a boom in the market in 2018. The total number of WICC holders was about 100,000 ( in exchange)at that very time.

However, those who came because of profit, leave for the same reason. Those who made money or lost money on WaykiChain complained a lot after the price fell. In the bear market, it is rather difficult for people to have confidence in altcoins. It is also difficult for people to invest in your long-term future no matter how promising it is. Then, how to raise the price of WICC in this bear market? The basic logic of price increase, which is more people buying than selling.

Staking is an effective way to achieve the concept. With more asset pledged, cannot be sold. Like giving you a dollar profit to make not sell your 100 dollar coins. This game may seem to have a good effect in the short term, but in the long term, it is no different from the Ponzi scheme.

Here goes DeFi. DeFi allows you to collateralize your coins and get something you need. Something that can bring value to you.

For example, mortgage lending. When you are unwilling to sell your coins but short of money, the CDP system is here to help. At this time, the WICC in your hand becomes a “ticket” to participate in mortgage lending. The needs coming from this model are often more solid because users here are with fewer worries. Because they indeed participants in WaykiChain’s ecosystem and enjoy the benefits, the value generated by the system. So they find WaykiChain trustworthy. In the end, most of the people here are winners, so they cherish their chips.

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