Public Chain Ecosystem — the Future of WaykiChain(WICC)

We can find the definition of Ecosystem from Wikipedia as follow:

Ecosystems include interactions among organisms, and between organisms and their environment.

— Wikipedia

If this concept is extended to blockchain, we can understand blockchain ecosystem like this: Stakeholders build relationships of value on the public chain, by respectively playing functions, the system can create value, and the stakeholder can also benefit from the system.

From this perspective, it seems easier to understand the future that WaykiChain will eventually head to.

WaykiChain is focusing on public chain.

As an underlying protocol, WaykiChain public chain has the potential to extend the upper applications to various fields. Like Ethereum, WaykiChain can serve blockchain developers all over the world by opening its API. The underlying system is the foundation to subvert the future.

WaykiChain DApp is the entry point for Waykichain to get the initial users through games, and it is also a self-evaluation to test the stability and security of WaykiChain public chain. In fact, WaykiChain public chain has been constantly under optimization.

Public chain ecosystem is the future.

WaykiChain aims to build “Big Platform” and “Big Ecosystem”. Through opening API, WaykiChain will attract numerous third-party applications to accumulate user traffic, the traffic will in turn nurture the public chain to be continuously optimized, thus benefiting more and more users. With such virtuous cycle and continuous development, WaykiChain will ultimately grow into a big self-driven ecosystem.

Just as the gold rush started in Westward Movement in the United States, the emerging “third-party applications”, like the tool suppliers and jeans suppliers back then, will eventually get developed and create enormous wealth in this “gold rush” ecosystem.

Of course, Rome was not built in a day. Any ecosystem cannot be built overnight, especially in blockchain field. Since there rarely are typical cases that can be referenced, all developments need to be constantly explored, practiced, adjusted and improved.

Big ecosystem vision will finally be fulfilled.

At present, WaykiChain has reached cooperation with several blockchain projects including FoundGame, FansTime, etc. Technical elites from well-known companies such as Intel, Morgan Stanley, Tencent and Alibaba are gathered to explore and develop innovations of great practical significance. Faced with drastic fluctuations of global cryptocurrency market, WaykiChain will not stop moving forward because of the outside misunderstandings or even some rumors of our project. We will continue to take every step to the future and prove ourselves with actions.

With technology, users, and talents, taking guessing industry as entry point, WaykiChain will expand multi-field cooperation with more and more blockchain projects. WaykiChain’s vision of big ecosystem will be gradually fulfilled, and this is the future that WaykiChain actually heads to.


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