Researchers are upbeat! WaykiChain Announces 2023 Development Roadmap, Highlighting Growth Potential for WGRT Value

WaykiChain WICC
2 min readMay 6


WaykiChain lately released its 2023 development roadmap. The plan presents a blueprint full of innovation and opportunities, while also indicating the future expansion of its governance token, WGRT. Scholars in the blockchain industry have presented some interpretations.

1. Technological Innovation and Improvements WaykiChain intends to implement a number of technological breakthroughs and upgrades in 2023 in order to improve the platform’s performance and security. These include the creation of new smart contract capabilities, the improvement of the underlying blockchain architecture, and the investigation of additional cross-chain solutions. These technological advancements will boost WaykiChain’s competitiveness in the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry, driving the value of WGRT higher.

2. Ecosystem Expansion WaykiChain specifically mentions in its 2023 development strategy that it would continue to grow its DeFi ecosystem. This involves recruiting more high-quality projects, promoting asset onboarding, and forming strategic alliances with more industry partners. This will help to expand WGRT’s use cases and liquidity, increasing its value.

3. Community Development and Governance WaykiChain will boost community building and empower WGRT in community governance to promote community growth and better drive decentralized governance. This increases WGRT’s vote power and governance influence.

4. Expansion of the Global Market WaykiChain intends to ramp up its global market expansion efforts in 2023, expanding its operations to new nations and areas. This will help to widen the breadth of WGRT’s circulation and boost its recognition in worldwide markets.

5. Compliance and Relationships with Partners WaykiChain will continue to analyze worldwide regulatory trends and ensure its business remains compliant in order to adapt to the ever-changing regulatory environment. Furthermore, WaykiChain will actively seek partnerships with global financial institutions, technology businesses, and other sectors to collaboratively promote blockchain technology research and implementation. This will help to strengthen WGRT’s position in the global financial market.

6. Mechanisms of Staking and Deflation The staking and deflation features of WaykiChain help to stabilize the market value of WGRT. Users can participate in the development of the WaykiChain ecosystem and earn rewards by staking. The deflation process reduces the amount of WGRT in circulation, raising its value.

To summarize, the technology advances, ecosystem expansion, community building, and worldwide market expansion activities outlined in WaykiChain’s 2023 development roadmap will all contribute to WGRT’s potential value increase. As experts predict WGRT’s future, we believe WaykiChain’s governance token will play an increasingly essential role in the blockchain and DeFi industries, eventually becoming a widely used and valuable digital asset.