Rewards for CM recommendation!

Attention please! Dear WaykiChainer, everyone get a chance to earn 150–200wicc by simply recommend new CM or other valueable connetion for WaykiChain from but not limited to US、Netherlands、Iran、Korea、Cannada、Venezuela、Argentina、Sudan、UK、Slovenia、New Zealand、Japan、Argentina 、Japan、Italy、Dubai、Sri Lanka.

Reward compaign start from: 2020.03.19 to 2020.03.31. (UTC)

Participant: Everyone

Contact: @MeloCai in telegram with format: position + country or we do not answer.

1. Rewards are sent only for the people who recommend effective referal
2.Effective qualification; b.working regularly over 7 days after we announce his join in “WaykiChain Volunteers Team”; c. valuable connection to be confirmed after official announced by WaykiChain of their event.
3. Rewards will be given within 48 hrs after we confirmed internal referal is effective.