Snapped Up! WaykiChain ROG Genesis Yield Farming Round 1 Subscription Completed

Round 1 Subscription of WaykiChain’s ROG Genesis Yield Farming scheduled to start at 20:00 HKT on September 25 has completed. It took 9 minutes 46 seconds to pledge 5,000,000 WICC and 62 minutes to pledge 25,000,000 WGRT completely. Those who missed it as well as today’s successful participants can join next rounds (the nearest starts at 20:00 HKT on September 26). Stay tuned for updates!

Along with ROG Genesis Yield Farming, WaykiChain has also launched its decentralized synthetic asset protocol Wayki-X. Trading of various synths is open now. As of now, Wayki-X has 26 synths of three types. Addition of more synths (gold, Forex, commodities, etc.) is down the road.

Cryptocurrency: xBTC, xETH, xEOS, xBCH, xLINK, xETC, xLTC

Stock indices: S&P 50, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, HSI, HSCEI, HSCCI

Stocks: Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, Alibaba, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix, Boeing, Sony, Baidu, Bilibili, Pinduoduo

ROG (Rods of God) is the main token of the decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol Wayki-X. It is an important support and value endorsement for all synths. Generation of first ROG will happen in Yield Farming on September 26. With ROG collateral, users can mint xUSD stablecoins and earn rewards by inflation and a part of Wayki-X transaction fees. xUSD is also the tool to trade the above synths and invest in various quality assets around the world with no barriers.

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