The Absolute Advantages of WaykiChain(WICC) 3-Token Economy Model Compared to Other Economy Models

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Compared to the universal single-token economy model, WaykiChain 3-token economy model has the following advantages:

  1. The benefits of the governor are magnified, and at the same time, the risk of wrong decision-making will make governors more responsible for performing their obligations;

2. The assets and payment required are different, so that they can be matched based on the needs of various scenarios;

3. Except for the consumption of Gas, there are many uses such as investment, wealth management, risk reserve, interest, additional fee, pledge incentive, etc., so as to ensure that there are enough application scenarios to maintain the liquidity;

4. Stablecoin can be deposited in various ways through DApp, OTC, DEX, CEX, etc.;

5. Stablecoin can directly pay the fee. In more application scenarios, the account does not need to purchase the mainnet coin;

6. Differentiating the different use scenarios of these three tokens, value volatility assets and value stable assets are isolated and mutually promoted, and can achieve the future common prosperity.

WaykiChain stablecoin WUSD is the only stablecoin supported by the bottom layer technology of the public blockchain in the world. Its advent will effectively promote the realization of the digital currency’s wider application outside of the circle. At the same time, as a decentralized financial instrument, it will be more secure and stable, and it is able to widely and efficiently satisfy the needs of investors!

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