The Color of Red: the Power of WaykiChain Governance Coin (WGRT)

WGRT is the governance and equity token of WaykiChain decentralized collateral lending platform. Recently, with the emergence of the WGRT brand promotion and advertising needs in the global market layout, 7 months after its first launch, it has remodeled its visual image to meet the task of brand promotion.

Comparison between the old and new logo
Brand new logo

During the upgrade process, we strived to reborn, completely abandoned the old graphics and fonts, relied on clear positioning and concepts, returned to the original meaning of “governance”, and used G as the starting point to create super symbols. The text is designed with sans serif typeface, which is concise, powerful, and modern. The color matching comes from the classic red and black, and the high saturation of bright red brings more imagination. Also, red symbolizes power, is the color of wealth. We look high to the future of WGRT and are confident that WGRT will bring wealth to the mass.

Behind the image change at the visual level is the upgrade of the strategic direction and core concepts. As WGRT is derived from WaykiChain’s DeFi system, it is synchronously following the growth of the increasingly mature decentralized financial ecosystem, and will gradually move towards the vision of global users in the future.