The Financial Innovation of Blockchain Reformation, The Origin, Logic, and Value of WaykiChain ROG

I. The Space Weapon System RFG and WaykiChain Token ROG

Rods from God (RFG) is a hypothetical space-based weapon system. It would include two satellite platforms. One would house rods of high-density metals like tungsten, titanium, and uranium. The other would house the communications and targeting hardware.

II. The Decentralized Synthetic Asset System Wayki-X Empowers ROG

1. What is Wayki-X?

To understand what Wayki-X is one first needs to understand what synthetic assets (synths) are. Synth is a simulation of the price of the original (initial) asset but it is not the original asset itself. It does not have the other attributes of the original asset. For instance, the USA’s legal tender USD is an original asset. It has such attributes as the mandatory means of payment and receipt and endorsement by the government. USDT is a synth tethered to USD and introduced to blockchain. USDT has practically the same price as USD but lacks other attributes.

2. What Can Users Do in Wayki-X?

The process of synth issuance in Wayki-X is quite simple. First, pledge ROG and generate xUSD. Then buy a synth with xUSD. The system has three types of users with different mechanisms behind each one:

3. What are the Advantages of Wayki-X?

The transaction objects of Wayki-X are synths rather than original assets. Unlike traditional trading with counterparties, it uses the generation/burn mechanism. This unique design allows for seven significant advantages:

III. WICC + WGRT Dual-pool Staking Shape the ROG Value Tether

ROG is not an isolated token. Wayki-X supports its implementation. It is woven into the unbreakable value network and gets the full support of WaykiChain’s DeFi ecosystem.



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