The First Blockchain Company Appeared on the Provincial Television — WaykiChain(WICC)

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WaykiChain, a leading blockchain betting startup in China, has became the first blockchain firm on the provincial broadcaster.

On August 2, 2018, Gordon Gao, CEO of WaykiChain was invited to Hello! Interviews, a job hunting program released by the provincial broadcaster Shenzhen TV to comprehensively show the game between interviewees and interviewers.

Blockchain company appearing on TV is a reflection of the increasing influence of blockchain.

Though blockchain technology gains lots of attention, blockchain talents are hard to find.

In 2017, blockchain craze hit China, a wave of companies registered to engage in blockchain and cryptocurrency-related activities. Many companies didn’t have their own products before they launched ICOs. After the ICO bubble, technology expertise becomes an urgent need to be solved.

According to a report from Block Data, a blockchain research institution based on China, the demand for blockchain talents is 9.7 times as compared with that in 2017, and the number of companies which posted blockchain-related jobs increased by 4.6 times.

Although the tight policies of the Chinese government have made a few unqualified companies step down the stage, demand is still high.

Blockchain is still at a nascent stage, talent shortage is inevitable. The current employees mostly are from finance and other industries.

80% of the jobs required are tech expertise, based on the data released by Block data.

Investing in blockchain education

China has established lots of blockchain research institution to educate blockchain talent. Well-known universities have also involved in it, in China, there are Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Central University of Finance and Economics, etc., in international, there are MIT, Cambridge University.

Blockchain training also emerged one after another. Lots of people treat blockchain a golden opportunity to make a fortune. They want to take a preemptive opportunity in blockchain. As a result, blockchain training classes emerged.

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