The Path to Prosperity of WaykiChain(WICC) in CEO’s Eyes

The difficult time for blockchain has screened out the disadvantaged enterprises or projects through the survival of the fittest, leaving some valuable blockchain projects. WaykiChain is a valuable and prospective blockchain project. In terms of the path to development in the hard time and competitive environment, Gordon Gao, the CEO of WaykiChain, pays most attention to the growth of public chain technology, the building of developer-friendly platform, talents introduction and team expansion.

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1. The improvement of public chain

Gordon Gao, the CEO of WaykiChain mentioned that WaykiChain needs to focus on valuable actions and progress about public chain development, rather than too much pointless marketing. He thinks that the most important thing is the technical development of the public chain from the four aspects of safety, stability, efficiency and ease of use.

Hence, WaykiChain focuses on improving internal strength about public chain and laying a solid foundation for future development. The improvement of the public chain ecosystem is in progress steadily. On March 22, 2019, WaykiChain has officially launched WaykiChain’s DApp WaykiTime 1.2.0. And on April 11, 2019, WaykiChain will launched WaykiTime 1.2.1.

2. Team expansion

Gordon Gao also mentioned that talent is another very important aspect on the path to prosperity. WaykiChain pays attention to the growth of each member. Richard Chen, the chief technology officer of the team, regularly organizes technical personnel to share and communicate. And also, the team constantly expands, with an increase in number from around 60 people in 2018 to around 100 people now. This trend of team expansion is suprising in blockchain industry in the hard time, and Gordon Gao mentioned that he is looking forward to building a world-class leading public chain with the joint efforts of WaykiChianers.

Currently, the growth and technological achievement of WaykiChain team continuously attract more attention from developers and followers all over the world. the total number of fans in Chinese and overseas communities has reached over 200,000, and followers are active to communicate in the communities.

3. DApp Funding Program

WaykiChain lowered the barrier of entry for developers by simplifying dapp development. Instead of building dapps from scratch, developers can use and modify a pre-built template provided by the WaykiChain team.

Gordon Gao, the CEO of WaykiChain, has announced The DApp Funding Program for attracting developers to participate in the co-building of WaykiChain’s ecosystem. WaykiChain provides 1.5 million USD incentives for blockchain developers and enthusiasts from all over the world to support and encourage them to participate in the ecosystem co-building of WaykiChain, and develop blockchain applications with real value. And in order to help developers to develop applications without any funds problem, WaykiChain has set incentives up to 15,000 USD for one DApp. Meanwhile, WaykiChain provides all-round support including tech support, team branding, product marketing, industry resources, user traffic, product operation, etc. Besides, The first batch of developers participated in the program will also enjoy the benefits such as 100% return of transaction fee for the first two months, and high-proportion of sharing the revenue.

WaykiChain hopes to build a long-lasting, stable, efficient, fair and sustainable ecosystem. For those who re-develop DApps on WaykiChain, we will provide with continuous incentives and benefits.

Previously, WaykiChain has successfully launched Developer Incentive Program from January to March of 2019, aiming at together enriching and promoting the development of WaykiChain ecology with developers. We had received great attention and collected 109 submissions from the candidates from over 29 countries and regions in the campaign.

Welcome feedback from the community, so please do get in touch. Want to dive in further? Follow WaykiChain on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn.

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