The Testnet Upgrade Completed on Schedule! WaykiChain Public Chain V2.0 Will be Not Too Far!

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Since the testnet upgrade started on September 6th, in order to realize the plan to make WaykiChain public chain testnet online on time, and redeem this commitment to WICC users, WaykiChain technical team worked hard for intensive development and test.


According to the development plan, testnet has basically completed these upgrades below:

l Optimize node interaction PRC interface, more standardized and concise

l Increase the speed of block generation: increase from 10 seconds to 3 seconds, transaction will be quicker live on the chain

l Add CDP mechanism for pledging WICC to get stablecoin WUSD

l Add governance coin WGRT with interest increase mechanism

l Transfer account model: support various blockchain assets

l Support account activation free, registration free mode

After the testnet upgrade completed, WaykiChain public blockchain V2.0 named “Teng”, the newest and advanced version that is highly anticipated, will be also released soon. WaykiChain public chain V2.0 will implement all features that need to be updated as planned, and provide an user-friendly and efficient product experience!

What you need to do

Currently, during the testchain beta stage, the testnet might be unstable and have few bugs that need to be found and fixed, welcome WICC users to try it through the links below, and provide us your feedback (find admin in WaykiChain Official Telegram Group


WaykiChain team are making efforts to develop public chain technology and ecosystem, and prove its strength by technical advantage and actual business applications.

Note: The test chain data may be cleaned every few days. After the data is cleaned up, you need to re-acquire the test coin to re-operate.

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