The Testnet Upgrade Starts! WaykiChain Public Chain V2.0 Will be Completed Before September 30th

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After nearly a year of design and preparation, and intensive R&D and testing in the past six months, WaykiChain technical team led by WaykiChain CTO Richard Chen started a significant version upgrade of WaykiChain testnet on September 6th.

The so-called “test chain upgrade” is a “preview” on the testnet before the application developer needs to upgrade the mainnet, so that even if it encounters a technical accident, it will not affect the original system.

Then, WaykiChain technical team will complete the upgrade of mainnet before September 30. On October, it can be used with two core functions: stablecoin and DEX!

The significant upgrades mainly include:

l Fully optimize node interaction PRC interface, more standardized and concise;

l Increase the speed of block generation: increase from 10 seconds to 3 seconds, transaction will be quicker live on the chain;

l Add CDP mechanism for pledging WICC to get stablecoin WUSD;

l Add governance coin WGRT with interest increase mechanism;

l Add decentralized exchange function on the bottom layer of public chain:DEX;

l Transfer account model: support various blockchain assets;

l Support account activation free, registration free mode;

Currently, the upgrade of testnet is in the testing phase. Because WaykiChain public chain v1.0 was named “Long” (means dragon), Richard gives the upcoming new version of the public chain v2.0 a name: “Teng”! In Chinese, “Teng” means that the dragon is going to fly high above the sky, which can indicate the upcoming big breakthrough and great progress.

NOTE: During the test chain upgrade, the services and applications of mainnet will run as usual, and users can use it normally. Only testnet-based services and tools, such as blockchain browser in the testnet, the BaaS platform, and WaykiTimes Testnet, will not work for a short time.

WaykiChain public chain v2.0 will bring better user experience with new functions and technical upgrades. Stay Tuned!

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