Though the World Cup is Coming to an End, WaykiChain(WICC) Will Explore More Possibilities.

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Along with the near end of the World Cup, betting related cryptocurrencies have all gone through a big downturn. The price of WICC even dumped to 3 CNY. After the World Cup, as the leader of betting related cryptocurrencies, how is the prospect of WaykiChain?

The key to decide if a cryptocurrency is valuable is whether there is landing application, whether the application is successful; and the ecological value achieved along with its ecological development, platform widening, and user accumulation!

WaykiChain has already been the leader in blockchain betting field. At present, WaykiChain has developed and operated its own public chain — WaykiChain, and launched DApp, which integrates betting and wallet functions. WICC has been listed on more than 60 exchanges worldwide. On June 28th, WaykiChain DApp started to open source and announced that it would allow developers all over the world to access WaykiChain. In addition, on July 5th, WaykiChain launched WICC Lock Revenue Sharing Plan, up to now, nearly 50 million WICC have been locked.

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If the WICC lock and open source plans could be launched a month earlier, maybe the price of WICC will not drop so drastically. The heat for World Cup has been exhausted, and there exists great restrictions on regulatory policies related to blockchain betting. These above reasons have led to recent price fluctuations of WICC to a certain degree.

Betting market is a huge market, but if you really want to get a piece of this big pie, it is not enough to just rely on APP and market promotion. So WaykiChain team has constantly striven to improve brand value and application popularity, optimize the usability, diversity and other functions of WaykiChain DApp.

Although the World Cup is over, there are also events such as Serie A, Premier League, Bundesliga, NBA and Asian Games. There will never be short of events in betting. In the upcoming Asian Games, WaykiChain will come up with its own competitive products in the market.

What’s more important, blockchain betting is just an entry point of WaykiChain. In the future, there will be more exchanges and wallets to support WaykiChain(WICC) mainnet migration, more third-party applications to be operated on WaykiChain; super nodes campaigns to be launched… WaykChain definitely will achieve greater development and higher market value!







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