Top Blockchain Finance Gala! WaykiChain holds 2020 DeFi Global Summit and WaykiChain Ecosystem Partner Conference in Shanghai on Oct 25

On October 25, WaykiChain and 36Kr will jointly hold the 2020 DeFi Global Ecosystem Summit and WaykiChain Ecosystem Partner Conference in Shanghai. The event will review the development path and status and will discuss the future of blockchain finance. WaykiChain will showcase its integrated DeFi ecosystem with a series of DeFi products built on the underlying public chain and its application layer. Gold bars, Apple consumer electronics, and other gifts are prepared for participants at the venue. Besides, each guest will enjoy a token airdrop worth of CNY 2,000 (about USD 300).

The event will gather Vice President of the China Society for World Trade Organization Studies and former President of the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce Mr. Huo Jianguo, experts and scholars in traditional finance (securities and banking), representatives of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Shenzhen information service Blockchain Association, Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association, WaykiChain ecosystem partners, big names of the blockchain industry, developers and technology enthusiasts, and cryptocurrency veterans. Popular and cutting-edge topics of blockchain and DeFi, and insights into the future development and opportunities of blockchain and DeFi commerce will be the key content.

This proactive conference brings together the know-how and innovation of blockchain finance with public-chain and DeFi ecology in its core to assist in the steady and orderly development of the industry. WaykiChain builds a comprehensive integrated DeFi ecosystem that provides users with one-stop financial services running on efficient open protocols and sets sails for a new voyage!