Tri-Token Economic Model Supports WaykiChain 4.0: Jointly Shaping the Future Public Chain Ecosystem

WaykiChain WICC
2 min readAug 17, 2023

The upgrade to WaykiChain 4.0 will mark a new milestone in WaykiChain’s public chain technology, especially in terms of high-performance blockchain compatible with EVM and seamless migration of the Ethereum ecosystem. WaykiChain’s tri-token economic model (WICC, WGRT, WUSD) will also play an important role in this process.

As the economic model first proposed by WaykiChain, the tri-token model consisting of WICC, WGRT, and WUSD has always provided a solid theoretical foundation for WaykiChain’s ecosystem.

Among them, WICC, as WaykiChain’s main currency, not only serves as the Gas for transactions but also plays a key role in the consensus algorithm. The WaykiChain 4.0 upgrade will further optimize transaction speed and fee structure, improve the consensus algorithm and network transmission protocol, and achieve higher throughput and response speed. This will facilitate WaykiChain’s seamless integration with the Ethereum ecosystem, providing a smoother user experience.

WGRT, as WaykiChain’s governance token, will promote the democratization and transparency of WaykiChain’s ecosystem in the 4.0 version upgrade. By introducing a decentralized governance mechanism, WGRT will allow community members to participate in key decisions, such as protocol upgrades and fee structure adjustments. This decentralized governance model will promote WaykiChain’s technical exchange and cooperation with the global blockchain industry, enhancing the resilience and innovative ability of the ecosystem.

WUSD will also play a broader role in the 4.0 upgrade. By anchoring with mainstream fiat currencies, WUSD will provide WaykiChain with a stable value benchmark. WaykiChain 4.0 will introduce more advanced algorithms and smart contracts to ensure the stability and availability of WUSD. Additionally, by adding multilingual support and one-click cross-chain conversion functionality, WUSD will help WaykiChain better serve global users.

The implementation of the WaykiChain 4.0 upgrade cannot be separated from the collaborative effect of the three-token economic model. The interaction of WICC, WGRT, and WUSD will drive WaykiChain’s innovation in technology and ecology. By introducing more advanced consensus algorithms, decentralized governance mechanisms, and stablecoin technology, WaykiChain 4.0 will provide global users with a safer and more convenient wallet experience.

In the future, WaykiChain will continue to focus on industry trends and actively layout in areas such as DeFi and NFT. Through cooperation and exchange with the global technical community, WaykiChain will continuously enhance its technical strength, providing global users with more advanced and comprehensive blockchain solutions.