WaykiChain(WICC) & Developers Online Meetup Review

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On March 20, WaykiChain held an online meetup with community developers. WaykiChain’s head of Blockchain R&D, Water Xiao, along with the head of overseas marketing, Sissi Wong, answered the questions from our community developers and introduced about WaykiChain’s DApp incentive funding program that will be launched soon.

For those ones who have missed the meetup, here we have review for you:

Q&A Session:

Q1: Is there going to be a tutorial release for writing contracts in lua. Is it going to be like the Glua programming language

A: We prefer to provide more video tutorial sessions in the future. For now you can find tutorial from Waykichain Dev Portal.

Q2: Is there going to be support for other operating systems (CentOS 7, Ubuntu 18.04)?

A: Yeah. We will support it.

Q3: How do you protect the Ubuntu 14.04 server (GRSec?)

A: By secops. Besides, in a decentralized computing model, security strength lies more in the health of the whole network instead of one or several nodes within the network.

Q4: Why did you choose the lua language for writing smart contracts?

A: Simple is beautiful! But for sure we can support other VMs concurrently in a near future.

In addition, our blockchain code is written in C++ language and Lua has very good support for native interaction with C++.

Q5: Are there procedures in place for protection of private keys.

A: Keystore encryption.

Q6: Are there any types of smart contracts that team want?

A: We don’t want anything in specific in this regard. But we want the community to develop by themselves and for themselves.

Q7: Any plans on integrating Vyper for smart contract writing?

A: Not until we migrated EVM onto WaykiChain.

Q8: Do you plan to implement API to subscribe to wallet account changes?

A: Yes. We have this in our roadmap.

Q9: Can you writing step-by-step instructions any user can follow maybe include screenshots?

A: 1) Given our dev center tutorials, we pefer Telegram-based interactive Q&A for more detailed questions.

2) If some of our community developer volunteers stand out to write such instructions, it would be more than welcome with all needed support from the core team. (by the developers, for the developers)

Q10: The Waykiwallet that’s an extension for the chrome and Firefox has source code that is hosted on github. I’m a bit worried about the exploitation of the browser to pwn peoples wallets.

A: Since our code has been opensourced, we welcome all developers and security experts to scrutinize the code and give us feedback regarding how to enhance its security. BTW, our implementation is modeled after MetaMask wallet extension.

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WaykiChain & Developers Online Meetup

About WaykiChain’s DApp Funding Program

What WaykiChain Provide for Dapps

1. Start-up Funding

A total of 10,000,000 RMB incentive.

2. Help with DApps’ Presence in Chinese Market

① Top 5 crypto news App traffic package: Including banner, interview, mention, exposure etc. For Free.

② WaykiChain’s community of more than 200,000 members

3. Other Support

① Full-time tech support from WaykiChain official team

② Share the revenue of Dapps’ transaction

③ Gas fee free

Dapp Application Process

① Submit DApp development proposal

② Evaluation from WaykiChain

③ WaykiChain technical support

④ Results announcement & prize-giving

DApp Development Process

① Pre-live period, WaykiChain provides fund & tech support for the DApps development;

② Live period, WaykiChain provides 3 million+ exposure on Chinese & overseas market for DApps with good performance;

③ During operation, WaykiChain opens 200,000 community exclusively for DApps with good performance;

④ Maintaining period, fund new & creative DApp proposals of talented developers.

Welcome feedback from the community, so please do get in touch. Want to dive in further? Follow WaykiChain on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn.

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