Wayki Super Champion — Round 2 Voting session

Voting from all SMNs:

1. Participants need to post something about participating in the contest and let others vote for you on SMNs. SMNs: Social Media Networks (include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedln and etc.) Post example pic:

2. Other people repost it with comments: say something about WaykiChian + I vote for XXX (Participants’ Telegram username) + @WaykiChain+Follow WaykiChain. Vote example pic:

We will account how many people @WaykiChain and vote for you and give you the final scores for this part.

This will be accounted in the overall score (20% of overall scores). Try your best to do it!




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WaykiChain WICC

WaykiChain WICC

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