WaykiChain Aims Far Beyond What ETH or EOS Is Now

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Recenly, Gordon Gao, WaykiChain’s CEO, has opened an AMA session on Reddit to directly answer the questions from the community.

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WaykiChain CEO AMA on Reddit

Don’t want to miss Gordon’s industry insights and WaykiChain’s first-hand developments? Check WaykiChain CEO AMA #1 below! Let’s see what the community has asked and Gordon’s answer!

1. Q: Hi Gordon, we didn’t see so much disclosure about WaykiChain’s exchange listing progress. Could you please reveal how’s it going?

A: To get listed on an exchange is not a simple process, especially those big ones. First we need to get a legal opinion from the local law firm to state that the attribute of WICC is an utility token rather than security token. Then to make sure the project is not a scam, the exchange will spend some time to execute the due diligence research to assess our community, public chain ecosystem, coin distribution, etc. Because WICC is a mainnet coin, it will take much longer time to complete the technology bridge than that of ERC-20, and this is where we are mainly stuck at. The reason is that those big exchanges have strict requirements of the chain’s security and stability, besides recently almost all the exchanges are busy launching on their IEO. WaykiChain is not that famous as Cosmos in overseas market, so exchanges won’t let us jump in the queue. So the listing progress is really going slow, but we are trying our best to speed up the progress. We will keep expand our influence globally, and make breakthrough towards public chain development.

Please be careful of the rumors about WaykiChain’s listing. The exchanges will not disclose the exact date because of NDA. We have heard that some projects were delisted just one day before the final date as a result of leaking the information in advance. So please just be patient and stay tuned for the goog news.

2. Q: Is WaykiChain now developing toward an ecosystem like ETH and EOS? Seems the DApps developed by WaykiChain is not popular in the market. Will you consider to develop a phenomenal DApp to attract massive users, which in turn will attract more developers to WaykiChain?

A: WaykiChain aims far beyond what ETH or EOS is now. As for the phenomenal DApp you mentioned, it’s shameful but I have to say there never had such a DApp in the whole industry, we are still struggling. Though we could tell that every public chain project has their own exploration path. Some focus on improve chain performance, some are seeking for more business and government cooperation, and some like EOS and TRON are developing DApps for community members. But I don’t think those are the correct answer. The most important thing is that except for financial investment, the people outside the blockchain industry they have no motivation to learn about cryptocurrency. In other words, there is no DApp can really realize massive adoption. This is the fundamental problem need to be solved and what WaykiChain is exploring now. The DApps developed by our own team have proved the feasibility from the underlying public chain to DApps. But from DApps to user ends, the third-party dev team should be the leading role. That’s the correct and most efficient way to grow an public chain ecosystem. Who steps on the way earlier, who is more likely to succeed, and we are already on it.

This year, we have pumped into lots of resources to build WaykiChain the most developer-friendly public chain. In April, We have launched a 1.5M USD DApp funding program. Besides financial support, we also provide one-stop assistance for the dev team including community, marketing, transaction fee return, etc. To make it easier for dev teams to access our chain, we have developed a set of infrastructure tools: dev doc, tutorial training, API, web extension, etc. Then to make sure the dev teams can actually earn money on WaykiChain, we will share all of our media and community resources with the dev team. We hope that the developers can get sustaining incentives from WaykiChain instead of just quick money. In the short term, we hope to incubate one or two benchmark DApps to attract more dev teams.

Welcome feedback from the community, so please do get in touch. Want to dive in further? Follow WaykiChain on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit andLinkedIn.

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