WaykiChain Announcement on Launching WICC Collateral Insurance

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Dear WaykiChainers,

WICC Collateral Insurance for WaykiChain Stablecoin CDP is officially launched. Now, all CDP users can have compensation we paid after the liquidation of your CDP. This insurance ensures users zero risk of WICC collateral experience.

Scope of the policyholders: Users who collateral WICC to generate WUSD

Insurance policy details: Users can choose the insured level according to the “liquidation price” of the CDP, the insurance premium is paid in WICC, and the premium base is the amount of WICC collateralized.

Compensation for ALL liquidation losses:Insure your CDP: we pay you compensation after liquidation.

Insurance Premiums are as low as 0.05%:5 WICC insurance premium for 10000 WICC collateralization.

Customer Service:Telegram contact @SherryRao

WaykiChain Foundation

April 29th, 2020

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