The Government of China Greatly Supports Blockchain Technology Development — WaykiChain(WICC) & CAITEC Kicks off Strategic Cooperation on Blockchain and Credit Economy

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Signing Ceremony of CAITEC & WaykiChain Strategic Cooperation

Recently, WaykiChain(WICC) has signed strategic cooperation agreement with Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce of P.R. China (CAITEC). According to the agreement, the two parties will respectively use their advantages to conduct in-depth research on blockchain’s prospects, significance, business model, risk prevention and market supervision in credit economy, especially in commerce credit. This cooperation aims at driving the further application of blockchain in commerce. The cooperation with CAITEC will also help WaykiChain to take the lead position in application development.

Along with the continuous development and improvement of blockchain, the prospects of this new technology is gradually emerging. Earlier, Ministry of Commerce proposed that China should speed up its exploration of blockchain technology in commerce field to bring new energy for e-commerce. On the other hand, WaykiChain as a leading public chain project, has been equipped with core advantages in blockchain such as technology strength, industry elites, and scenario applications.

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WaykiChain CSO Wayki Sun & CAITEC Director Jiaping Han

It is reported that CAITEC and WaykiChain will co-establish “Blockchain and Credit Economy Expert Think-Tank” to conduct in-depth research on the relationship between blockchain and credit economy, and hold international seminars to discuss blockchain developments in commerce. The research results will be published in “Blockchain and Credit Economy Research Report / White Paper”.

The cooperation will focus on supply chain finance, cross-border e-commerce, product traceability, consumer credit, credit notarization and cross-border payment, etc., reflecting CAITEC’s forward-looking exploration in the field of blockchain applications. Meanwhile, based on the research, CAITEC will help to guide WaykiChain to accelerate applications in various fields.

As a leading blockchain startup focusing on of blockchain’s underlying technology and related project operations, WaykiChain owns an industry-leading public chain 3.0. Relying on the inherent technical advantages of blockchain and its superior R&D strength, WaykiChain is empowered with high-performance transaction processing capability, efficient consensus mechanism, powerful smart contract, and blockchain upgrade capability. WaykiChian is able to provide blockchain infrastructure services and industry-level solutions for the major industries and key verticals.

Directly affiliated to Ministry of Commerce of P.R. China, CAITEC is a comprehensive and multifunctional social science research organization that integrates economic and trade research, information consultation, news publishing, education and training. Consisting of high-educated and professional researchers and consultants, CAITEC is one of the top 25 think-tanks of China.

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