WaykiChain+Charity: A New Model for Philanthropy is Emerging

WaykiChain WICC
3 min readMay 18


Global charitable public welfare undertakings are welcoming new opportunities for development under the promotion of blockchain technology. WaykiChain, as a technology project actively promoting the development of blockchain, has once again clearly stated in its recent development roadmap that it will devote itself to global charitable public welfare. WaykiChain plans to cooperate with international organizations under the theme of “WaykiChain + Charity” to promote global charitable activities.

WaykiChain will use the transparency advantage of blockchain technology to closely cooperate with international organizations, thereby reducing the operating and donation costs of public welfare institutions and ensuring that donations directly help beneficiaries. This move not only improves the efficiency of the use of public welfare funds but also ensures the fairness and transparency of charitable public welfare activities.

The core team of WaykiChain emphasizes that they hope to have a greater influence in the blockchain industry through these innovative measures and promote the progress of social public welfare undertakings. They firmly believe that blockchain technology will bring new opportunities for global charitable public welfare and promote social justice and sustainable development.

Since its establishment, WaykiChain has been actively promoting the development of blockchain technology and has made positive contributions in solving industry technical problems and improving industry standards. In 2022, WaykiChain officially launched a global development plan and established the WaykiChain Charity Foundation to realize its public welfare mission globally.

The establishment of the WaykiChain Charity Foundation marks an important step for WaykiChain in global public welfare. The foundation not only spreads happiness and love to the places that need it the most but also uses the cryptocurrency circle to obtain more resources to better shoulder the mission of poverty alleviation and assistance around the world.

The WaykiChain Charity Foundation has also invited Hamid obaidi, a former figure in the Afghan education sector, to participate in the daily operation of the foundation, promoting WaykiChain’s global charity work with an international perspective. At present, the charitable footprint of WaykiChain has spread across the globe, from impoverished villages in Sri Lanka to remote fishing villages in the Philippines, from assisting Afghan refugees to supporting street artists in South Korea, WaykiChain’s charity work has had a significant impact globally.

The series of actions taken by WaykiChain demonstrate its determination and strength to combine blockchain development with charitable public welfare undertakings. Through deep cooperation with non-governmental organizations in various countries, WaykiChain is promoting the progress of global charity and striving to solve poverty and inequality problems in various countries and regions.

To better achieve this goal, the WaykiChain Charity Foundation will continue to seek cooperation with international organizations, so as to make greater contributions to global public welfare. At the same time, WaykiChain also encourages community fans, enterprises, and individuals to participate in this global public welfare action, jointly promote the development of global charity, and help achieve social justice and sustainable development.

In summary, WaykiChain is practicing its social responsibility and is committed to creating a more fair, just, and sustainable world through charitable public welfare undertakings. Blockchain technology is changing our lives, and WaykiChain hopes to use this technology to bring greater changes and impacts to global charitable public welfare.