Waykichain Charity in Action: Promoting the Integration of Philanthropy and Public Chain Technology

WaykiChain WICC
2 min readMay 25, 2023


Waykichain has long been actively involved in various charitable initiatives around the world, helping vulnerable groups improve their lives. From charity football matches in Sri Lanka and the donation of supplies to SOS villages in Vietnam, to relief efforts in remote fishing villages in the Philippines, Waykichain has spread the seeds of charity worldwide. In addition, Waykichain has also focused on the plight of street artists during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing them with financial sponsorship and larger performance stages to support their artistic dreams.

Waykichain’s charity initiatives not only bring substantial help to vulnerable groups around the world, but also actively encourage various sectors of society to join in charitable endeavors. For example, strengthening cooperation and communication with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in various countries to gather more social forces for global philanthropy and provide warmth and support to more people in need. Through Waykichain’s efforts, more and more people will benefit from this loving charity initiative.

In the future, Waykichain may further consider integrating philanthropy with public chain technology to better promote the progress of charitable initiatives, especially in terms of donation transparency and reducing operational costs.

As a public chain project with increasingly mature technology, Waykichain can bring greater value to global charitable initiatives by tracking donation flows in real-time and reducing the costs of intermediate links.

In terms of donation transparency, Waykichain can use the decentralized and transparent nature of blockchain technology to enable donors to track the flow of donations in real-time. Through the Waykichain wallet or a specially designed charity platform, donors can clearly understand the use of donated funds, ensuring that funds are truly used for charitable purposes and increasing the trust of society in philanthropy.

In terms of reducing operational costs, traditional charity donation models have many intermediate links, leading to high operational costs. Waykichain can use its public chain technology to decentralize the donation process, reduce intermediate links, and thus lower operational costs. In addition, Waykichain can also use smart contract technology to automatically execute donation agreements, further reducing labor costs. This cost reduction method will ensure that more donated funds can be truly used for charitable purposes, improving the actual effectiveness of public welfare projects.

With the continuous development and popularization of blockchain technology, Waykichain is expected to bring more innovations and breakthroughs to global charitable initiatives, making philanthropy more transparent, efficient, and benefiting more people from this loving cause.

Global philanthropy is at a critical moment, and Waykichain, as one of the representatives of blockchain public chain technology, will continue to work hard to inject new vitality into global philanthropy, spread love, and make the world a better place.