WaykiChain Community Expansion Competition

WaykiChain designs a particular competition for our volunteers with rich Rewards!

Participants: WaykiChain Community Managers, Ambassadors, and WaykiChain Global partner.

1. Increasing to have 3500+ organic users in your local group.
2. Added users need to provide usernames. Delete accounts are invalid users and cannot be counted.
3. After the successful expansion of the community, the user online rate must be above 30%
4. After the successful expansion of the community, group daily engagements must be above 50+

Rewards: The Top 5 groups with the largest number of people and have completed all the above requirements can obtain 1000 WICC-1500WICC. The specific reward amount is based on the increased number of people in the group, as well as the user online rate and user activity(daily engagements).

Time for Participating:March 16th — March 23th 24:00 (UTC Time)

Time for participants to apply rewards: March 24th 00:00-March 24th 24:00 (UTC Time)

Time for Distributing rewards: March 26th 10:00 — March 28th 10:00 (UTC Time)

Come and join to win Rich Rewards!!

If you want to join our WaykiChain Family and become our volunteers, please contact Telegram: @LoisWhite1 @AdelaideHe @SherryRao @MeloCai



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